Bed of the Dead

de Jeff Maher



A bed. A perfectly recognizable object with well-defined functions: sleeping, resting and getting intimate with your loved one. But if the bed in question is carved out of the wood from a tree that a group of puritan monks used to use for their sacrifices, things can take a very macabre turn. That’s the original concept that drives Bed of the Dead, where the ordinary becomes deadly. eden dar un giro macabro. Este es el original concepto que mueve Bed of the Dead, donde lo cotidiano se vuelve mortal.


Jeff Maher

Member of the active contemporary Canadian fantastic scene, he was cinematographer for movies like Antisocial (13), Antisocial 2 (15) or Bite (15). Bed of the Dead is his debut feature film.

Technical information

CANADA, 2016

DirectorJeff Maher

ProducerChad Archibald, Cody Calahan, Christopher Giroux, Jeff Maher

ScreenplayJeff Maher, Cody Calahan

CinematographyMicha Dahan

Visual Make-Up EffectsCarlos Henrigues

WithColin Price, Alysa King

Edition: 2016
Section: Panorama Fantàstic
Original language: English