Alipato - The Very Brief Life Of An Ember

de Khavn


A gang of street kids gets ready to rob the city’s central bank. But the robbery goes south, the money disappears and the thieves are murdered one by one. Overcome by fear, the survivors start to suspect that one of their own is behind it all. Comedy, cannibalism and a genuinely bizarre atmosphere come together in this unclassifiable film by one of the enfants terribles of Filipino cinema.



He studied at Ateneo de Manila University. Poet, singer and composer, he’s directed over a hundred films between shorts and features. In Sitges, we could see The Very Brief Life of an Ember (16).

Technical information

PHILIPPINES / GERMANY, 2015DirectorKhavn

ProducersKhavn, Achinette Villamor 

CinematographyAlbert Banzon

Special EffectsApeng Salem

WithDido Dela Paz, Marti San Juan

Edition: 2016
Section: Noves Visions Plus
Original language: Tagalog