The Whispering Star

de Sion Sono



There wouldn’t really be a need for a summary: any film by Sion Sono is worth it, regardless of its plot. And even if it means a change of register, from exuberance to lo-fi science fiction. Sono uses a soft black and white to tinge the story of a female android who works delivering packages to different humans scattered across the galaxy. Meanwhile, the humanoid narrates her robotic vicissitudes in an audio diary.


Sion Sono

One of the most outstanding Japanese directors in the last two decades thanks to films like Suicide Club (2001), Love Exposure (2008) and Tokyo Tribe (2014). Time Machine Award winner at Sitges 2015.

Technical information

JAPAN, 2015

DirectorSion Sono 

ProducerSion Sono 

ScreenplaySion Sono

CinematographyHideo Yamamoto

WithMegumi Kagurazaka, Kenji Endo

Edition: 2016
Section: Noves Visions - Especials
Original language: Japanese