Momotaro: Sacred Sailors

de Mitsuyo Seo


During the Second World War, the Japanese government wanted to use the character Momotaro, the hero of a folk tale, in an animated propaganda film. Premiering right in the final stages of the conflict, its influence would be fundamental for the future anime industry. Now, this seminal work has been rescued from obscurity in a superb restored version.


Mitsuyo Seo

1911-2010. A pioneer in anime, he directed a large number of shorts and the feature films Momotaro, Sacred Sailors and Osama no Shippo (49), never distributed commercially. He would eventually give up animation to illustrate children’s books.

Technical information

JAPAN, 1945

DirectorMitsuyo Seo

ScreenplayMitsuyo Seo

Edition: 2016
Section: Anima't - Special Sessions
Original language: Japanese