Three martial arts experts embark upon a search for a treasure that will allow them to save a friend from the clutches of a scrupulous gangster. They will soon find themselves immersed in a complex conspiracy that’s aimed at putting an end to the boss of Berlin’s underworld. A bash ‘em up comedy that pays tribute to the eighties and nineties American action flicks.


Ufuk Genç, Michael Popescu

Genç is the co-founder of the Cine Chromatix postproduction company and founder of the Lightburst Pictures production company. Popescu studied physics and got his start in music and video production. 

Technical information

GERMANY, 2016DirectorUfuk Genç, Michael Popescu

ProducersUfuk Genç, Oliver Thau

ScreenplayRafael Alberto Garciolo

CinematographyTomas Erhart

WithCan Aydin, Cha-Lee Yoon

Edition: 2016
Section: Òrbita
Original language: German