Dofus - Livre I: Julith

de Anthony Roux, Jean-Jacques Denis


Little Joris lives happily in Bonta with his foster father, Kerubim Crépin, a magic objects salesman. But his life will get turned upside down with the arrival of Julith, the perverse witch who wants to destroy the city. Dofus - Book 1: Julith takes the universe of a successful transmedia project with thousands of fans to the silver screen.


Anthony Roux, Jean-Jacques Denis

Roux is the creative director and chairman of the Ankama multimedia production company. Denis has created the storyboards for numerous productions. They both debut in feature length with Dofus - Book 1: Julith.

Technical information

FRANCE, 2015

DirectorAnthony Roux, Jean-Jacques Denis

ProducerFrédéric Puech

ScreenplayAnthony Roux, Olivier Vannelle

Design and Artistic DirectorXavier Houssin

Visual EffectsKosal Sok

WithSauvane Delanoë, Laetitia Lefebvre

Edition: 2016
Section: Anima't
Original language: French