If Cats Disappeared from the World

de Akira Nagai


A mailman receives news that he doesn’t have much time left to live, but a demon who looks suspiciously like him offers him a deal: he will give him another day to live in exchange for eliminating things from the world. Our hero accepts this curious pact with the devil, but he’ll soon realize how dangerous it is to gain something at the expense of an irreversible loss... And what if for example, one day his endearing cat disappeared?


Akira Nagai

He picked up the award for best director at the ACC CM Advertising Festival two years running and he is now confirmed in film directing with this adaptation of the novel by Genki Kawamura.

Technical information

JAPAN, 2016DirectorAkira Nagai

ProducerKei Haruna

ScreenplayYoshikazu Okada

CinematographyShoichi Ato

WithTakeru Sato, Aoi Miyazaki

Edition: 2016
Section: Noves Visions One
Original language: Japanese