The New World Order has changed, and now France is a poor country. The population is torn between rioting and resignation and it has its outlet in a TV show based on ultra-violent fighting. In this gory setting, Arès has to do the impossible to save his sister and nieces, who have all been arrested.


Jean-Patrick Benes

Filmmaker and screenwriter, in 2008 he co-directed Ugly Melanie with Allan Maudit and he’s one of the creators of the Kabul Kitchen series. Arès is his solo debut.

Technical information

FRANCE, 2016DirectorJean-Patrick Benes

ProducersSidonie Dumas, Matthieu Tarot

ScreenplayJean-Patrick Benes, Allan Mauduit

CinematographyJerome Almeras

Visual EffectsAlain Carsoux

WithOla Rapace, Micha Lescot

Edition: 2016
Section: Official Fantàstic - Special Screenings
Original language: French