Blair Witch

de Adam Wingard



You experienced it in Sitges in 1999. You suffered the anguish of that group of young people lost in the woods of Maryland. That film changed horror movies forever. Now, Adam Wingard returns to the scene of the crime where Peter, a missing girl’s brother, and two friends of his will try to figure out what happened. The cameras and the technology have changed, but the terror hidden in those woods is still intact.


Adam Wingard

Born in Tennessee, he studied filmmaking in Florida and is the director of several shorts. His first feature length film, the low-budget slasher movie Home Sick (07), received excellent reviews and his second, Pop Skull (08), grabbed awards at the Boston and Indianapolis festivals.  Wingard has made two of the most powerful films in recent years, A Horrible Way to Die (10) and You’re Next (11).

Technical information


DirectorAdam Wingard

ProducerRoy Lee, Steven Schneider, Keith Calder, Jess Calder

ScreenplaySimon Barrett

CinematographyRobby Baumgartner

WithJames Allen McCune, Callie Hernandez

Edition: 2016
Section: Official Fantàstic Competition
Original language: English