Doroga k zvezdam

de Pavel Klushantzev


What would the history of the Soviet Union be like without the race to space? In this exquisite documentary that combines an educational spirit with the speculation characteristic of science fiction, thanks to special effects that were way ahead of their time, filmmaker Pavel Klushantzev delved deep into the mysteries of outer space and the tools of science to be able to conquer it.


Pavel Klushantzev

San Petersburg, 1910-1999. Director and producer, he made both documentaries and fiction films, including the outstanding Planeta Bur (62).

Technical information

SOVIET UNION, 1957DirectorPavel Klushantzev

ProducerPavel Klushantzev

ScreenplayBoris Ljapunov, V. Soloviev

CinematographyMikhail Galper

WithGeorgij Soloviev

Edition: 2016
Section: Sitges Classics - Red Planet Marx
Original language: Russian