Your Name

de Makoto Shinkai


One day, Taki and Mitsuha discover that while sleeping, their bodies are interchanged. Then they start to communicate through notes. As they manage to clumsily overcome one challenge after another, a bond is created between the two of them that, little by little, will become something more than romantic. Another marvel from one of the essential names in Japanese animated film.


Makoto Shinkai

At 39, Shinkai is considered to be one of the best animators of his generation. After studying Japanese literature at the University of Chuo, he worked for five years as a graphic designer at the Falcom videogame company. He debuted in feature length film with The Place Promised in Our Early Days (04), followed by 5 Centimeters per Second (07).

Technical information

JAPAN, 2016

DirectorMakoto Shinkai

ScreenplayMakoto Shinkai

CinematographyMasashi Ando

Characters designMasayoshi Tanaka

Edition: 2016
Section: Anima't
Original language: Japanese