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7 Lives

de Jan Kounen


7 lives is a fantastic tale. A near death experience on a subway platform in Tokyo takes you to a strange world. You access memories and fear of people around you. You have to pass into each of their minds and help them to find peace. Created by filmmaker Jan Kounen (Dobermann7 lives explore universal emotions, beyond words.


Jan Kounen

Technical information

Country: France, Luxembourg, Belgium

Year: 2019

Duration: 20 MIN

Direction: Jan Kounen

Production: Red Corner, France Televisions, a Bahn y Frakas Productions

Screenplay: Charles Ayats y Sabrina Calvo

Photography: Hugues Espinasse

With: Clara CHOI, Mariko AOYAMA y KENTARO

Edition: 2019
Section: Sitges Cocoon
Original language: English