In the French Pyrenees, Teddy survives working at a massage parlor. One day, in early summer, the young man is attacked and scratched by a beast; probably the wolf that all the local farmers are after. A few weeks later, he starts to feel a certain animal drive... Teddy has all the elements of a comme il faut genre story, set in the unusual setting of the French countryside.


Ludovic Boukherma & Zoran Boukherma

Twin brothers, they studied at the Cité du Cinéma film studio complex, founded by Luc Besson. In 2016, they made their first film, Willy 1, also co-directed by Hugo P. Thomas and Marielle Gautier.

Technical information

France. 2020

88 min

Directors Ludovic Boukherma, Zoran Boukherma

Screenwriters Ludovic Boukherma, Zoran Boukherma

Cinematography Augustin Barbaroux

With Anthony Bajon, Noémie Lvovsky, Christine Gautier

Edition: 2020
Section: Official Fantàstic Competition
Original language: French