Wendy and her brothers meet a strange boy named Peter, who takes them to his island: a world with no grown-ups, where childhood games last forever. But happiness does not last forever, and when the locus amoenus is endangered, Wendy will have to guide her brothers back home. The long awaited return of the auteur of Beasts of the Southern Wild is an absolutely free and wild version of Peter Pan.


Benh Zeitlin

His debut, Beasts of the Southern Wild (12), picked up the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance, the Golden Camera at Cannes and earned four Oscar nominations. He has subsequently produced films such as Burning Cane (19) and Give Me Liberty (19).

Technical information

USA. 2020

112 min

Director Benh Zeitlin

Screenwriters Benh Zeitlin, Eliza Zeitlin

Cinematography Sturla Brandth Grovlen

Editors Alfonso Goncalves, Scott Cummings

With Devin France, Yashua Mack, Gage Naquin

Edition: 2020
Section: Official Fantàstic Competition
Original language: English