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Imatge de la pel·lícula Reboot
Sitges FanPitch 2022

'Reboot', third international project for Sitges FanPitch

A futuristic story about life extension and gender identity joins the Sitges FanPitch 2022 selection
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Reboot is the third international project, added to the next edition of Sitges FanPitch. This feature film will be directed by South Korean director Kim Sooyoung, responsible for the successful horror short film Superpower Girl, which was also chosen for Fantastic 7 in 2019.

Reboot comes from the NAF Project Market, which is being held in parallel to the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival. Sitges FanPitch maintains project exchange agreements with an international network of markets, which also includes Blood Window (Ventana Sur, Argentina) and Frontières (Fantasia, Canada). This circuit allows projects to multiply their co-production and promotion options, by achieving greater international exposure. Throughout the year, those responsible for programming and industry at the Sitges Festival participate in the pitch juries of the aforementioned markets and select projects to be presented at the film festival.

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