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Five young men and women to make up the 3rd Carnet Jove Jury

The creation of this jury has been promoted for the last three years by the Youth Department, through the Carnet Jove's Connecta't Program, and the competition's management.

The selection commission for the 3rd Carnet Jove Jury, made up of the Sitges International Film Festival of Catalonia's managing team, those responsible for the Catalonian Autonomous Government's Youth Department and those responsible for the Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries, has selected, for the third year straight, the five youths between 18 and 30 years of age who will make up the competition's Carnet Jove Jury. This jury will be in charge of giving the Carnet Jove Jury Award to the best motion picture from the Official Fantàstic Selection and the Midnight X-Treme Section.

The candidates to make up the jury had to be holders of the Carnet Jove or Carnet +25 cards and show a gift, capacity and interest for the movie world and stage arts. Those selected are Mar Canet (29, La Garriga), Néstor Fernández (21, Barcelona), Toni Junyent (24, Barcelona), Aleix Ortuño (21, Sant Cugat del Vallès) and Carles Matamoros (23, Barcelona). The latter is also the president of the jury.

The Carnet Jove Jury will join the rest of the Festival jury members: the Oficial Fantàstic jury, the Mèliés jury, the Anima't jury, the Critics' jury; The Orient Express-Casa Àsia jury, the Noves Visions jury and the Brigadoon jury. The International Film Festival of Catalonia will be held from October 4th to the 14th.

A professional opportunity for young people in the critic's world

The idea of creating the Carnet Jove Jury arose three years ago thanks to the impetus of the Youth Department through the Carnet Jove's Connecta't Program and the Festival's managing team. This initiative is to help young people develop their interests linked to the movie world and give them professional opportunities in the movie critic field through direct participation as jury members of a festival of international renown like the one in Sitges.

The Carnet Jove Jury is also an explicit acknowledgement of the younger public, the most faithful to the Festival since its creation in attendance, both at screenings as well the leisure venues related to the competition.





25-11-2021 11:15


The 'Semana Sitges' returns to Argentina

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The Sitges Film Festival welcomes more than 100,000 moviegoers at its 54th edition

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Sitges 2021 Pays Tribute to Carlos Saura at Its Closing Ceremony and Premieres His Short Film 'Goya 3 de mayo'

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Sitges 2021 Winners: 'Lamb', Sitges 2021 Best Feature Lenght Films


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Sitges Heads into its Final Stretch with the Time Machine Award presented to Neill Blomkamp

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The Spanish Premiere of Rob Savage's 'DASHCAM', Surprise Film at Sitges 2021

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Alice Krige and Nick Antosca, Presented With the Sitges 2021 Time Machine Award

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Michael Myers Returns to Sitges on the Day of the World Premiere of 'El Páramo (The Beast)'

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The Grand Honorary Award presented to Mamoru Hosoda and Phil Tipett's demential 'Mad God' place animation at the epicenter of Sitges

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Alex de la Iglesia's Venice Gone Mad and Noomi Rapace's Violent Love Shake Up Sitges' First Saturday

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Sitges Presents the WomanInFan Initiative on a Day Marked by the World Premiere of 'Visitante'

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Belén Rueda and Ana Lily Amirpour, Stars of Sitges 2021's Opening Day

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