Festival News


15-10-2020 19:30


Three European feature debuts take center stage in the official in competition selection

‘The Swarm, 'Mosquito State and ‘The Last Journey of Paul W. R.', three powerful new fea...

14-10-2020 10:00


'Freaky', the Spanish premiere for Sitges 2020 surprise screening

Produced by Jason Blum, directed by Christopher Landon and starring Kathryn Newton and Vince Vaughn,...

14-10-2020 19:30


Fantastic literature and film join forces at Sitges 2020

'Frontera oscura' (‘Dark Frontier'), the 2020 Minotaur Award winning novel and the pieces sele...

12-10-2020 18:00


Manuel de Blas, a Spanish fantastic genre legend, is still making history in Sitges

'Possessor Uncut', 'Relic', 'Becky' and Awkward Hands', among today's featured films Today, Monday,...

11-10-2020 20:30


All eyes turn to Alex de la Iglesia and Juanma Bajo Ulloa's unique personalities in Sitges

The unsettling drama in 'Baby' and the paranormal terror of '30 Coins' are the highlights of the Fes...

10-10-2020 20:30


Mario Casas' descent into hell in 'Cross the Line' featured this Saturday in Sitges

Oriol Tarragó receives the Honorary Maria Award in Sitges for his dedication to sound design...

09-10-2020 23:00


Najwa Nimri captivates Sitges' audience accepting a Grand Honorary Award

'The Barcelona Vampiress', Lluís Danés' terrifying drama, celebrates its world premier...

08-10-2020 21:00


The zombies featured in 'Malnazidos' revive fantastic genre on Sitges 2020's opening day

Starting today and until Sunday October 18th, Sitges will become the epicenter for fantastic films f...

07-10-2020 14:00


News Release: 'Save Yourselves!' withdrawn from Sitges 2020's official competition

The Sitges-International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia announces that it is withdrawing the f...

06-10-2020 14:00


Sitges 2020 is a reality

For eleven days, Sitges becomes the most comfortable and safest setting to disconnect, and to let yo...

02-10-2020 12:00



Álex de la Iglesia, Najwa Nimri, Mario Casas, Juanma Bajo Ulloa and Paco Plaza, among the out...

02-10-2020 12:30


Sitges 2020, the most innovative format for the most fantastic and safest Festival

The 53rd edition has already made all the preparations for its new hybrid format to reach all its fa...

01-10-2020 12:00


Sitges se alía con el paquete Terror de Orange TV, integrado por DARK y Planet Horror

El paquete patrocina la sección Midnight X-Treme como parte de un acuerdo que une el festival...

30-09-2020 13:00


Sitges imagines what horror films would be like without Dr. Caligari in its latest campaign

The advertising spot was created by the CHINA advertising agency, also behind the Festival's poster...

23-09-2020 12:00


TV3 y Catalunya Ràdio serán medios oficiales del Festival de Sitges

La Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals (CCMA) y el Sitges - Festival Internacional de...

22-09-2020 11:00


Najwa Nimri, Paco Plaza and Oriol Tarragó join the list of Sitges 2020 award winners

The Festival acknowledges the talent of three essential figures in Spanish fantastic genre The 53rd...