Festival News


02-06-2020 9:00


The Sitges Film Festival promotes an online edition of Fantastic 7 at the Marché du Film in Cannes

The Sitges Film Festival –in tandem with the Cannes Festival’s Marché du Film and...

27-04-2020 7:00


El Festival de Sitges proyecta 'Vaya luna de miel' a través de su Cuaderno de Bitácora en la web

Es uno de los tesoros perdidos del director Jess Franco (1930 – 2013), recuperado hace dos a&n...

20-04-2020 7:00


El Festival de Sitges crea un espacio web para dialogar con los fans a base de contenidos, propuestas y juegos de conocimiento

Después de los cortos en cuarentena de la propuesta Sitges Countdown, ahora es el turno del&n...

31-03-2020 10:00


The Sitges Festival presents free-to-air fantastic shorts during the quarantine

Sitges Countdown kicks off with a piece by Mexican director Sofía Carrillo For a Shorter Qua...

17-03-2020 21:00


The Festival kicks off film submissions for Sitges 2020

La 53rd Sitges - International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia Sitges 2020 starts its countdown...

17-02-2020 17:00


Mònica Garcia Massagué, nueva directora general de la Fundació Sitges - Festival Internacional de Cinema de Catalunya

Mònica Garcia Massagué es la nueva directora general de la Fundació Sitges &nda...

19-12-2019 10:00


Sitges supports genre film projects at the Ventana Sur and Macau IFFA festivals

The Sitges - International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia brand and productions were present a...

05-11-2019 13:00


La Sala Berlanga de Madrid acoge un ciclo de películas de Sitges 2019

Títulos como ‘Amigo’, ‘American Satan’ o ‘Luz’ se proyect...

22-10-2019 11:00


The Sitges Film Festival finishes its third year running with the highest proceeds in its history

The film competition finishes its 52nd edition, held from October 3rd to 13th, with a very positive...

12-10-2019 22:00


Sam Neill and Aaron Paul, two Sitges universe stars, bring the 52nd edition to a close

The screening of 'The Vigil' closes eleven days of films, meetings and exhibitions Today the 52nd S...

11-10-2019 18:00


Lovecraft's universe soars over Sitges with 'Color Out of Space', Richard Stanley's return

'Cuerdas (Ropes)' has its world premiere in Sitges and is the fifth Spanish debut feature presented...

11-10-2019 23:30


The Basque-Catalan production 'El hoyo' ('The Platform') conquers Sitges 2019

A film produced in Spain picks up the award for best feature film at the Sitges Festival The Specia...

10-10-2019 20:30


The Baztán's new child grows up in Sitges along with the fantastic genre's young talent honored in the Blood Red Carpet

'Le daim', 'Come to Daddy', 'The Cleansing Hour', 'The Wild Goose Lake',  'Huachicolero', and '...

09-10-2019 20:00


The love affair between Asia and Sitges livens up with 'Her Blue Sky' and SABU's suggestive stories

The Asian 'Dancing Mary' and 'Jam', directed by Sabu, 'Her Blue Sky', 'Nina Wu', 'The Gangster, The...

08-10-2019 20:30


07-10-2019 21:30


Maribel Verdú and Javier Botet's talent is rewarded on a day of Spanish fantastic

Maribel Verdú and Javier Botet receive a Time Machine Award for their brilliant career Gaspa...