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Sitges 2015 presents the best from the most renowned names in fantastic genre and emerging territories

The Festival debuts a new theater and becomes a meeting point for industry and talent with new initiatives

Just one week away from the kickoff of the 48th Sitges – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, this morning Festival Director Àngel Sala, accompanied by Ferran Mascarell, Minister of Culture for the Catalonian autonomous government’s Generalitat, and by Miquel Forns, Mayor of Sitges, presented the new additions and developments for this year’s Festival at a press conference held at the Santa Mònica Cloister of the Arts in Barcelona. The Festival, to be held from 9 to 18 October, presents a complete and diverse sampling of the different genre film expressions and trends from around the planet. Sitges 2015 offers a veritable kaleidoscope, bringing together renowned names with long track records in genre and up and coming filmmakers. The Festival –which is adding a new theater and increasing the number of screens this year– will also become a point of convergence for the Catalan film industry and opportunities for production proposals presented by young filmmakers.

Sitges 2015’s lineup includes the most genuine horror from around the world, represented by the latest American productions and the emerging fantastic genre from countries that have become firmly established as true genre powerhouses; presenting stimulating and transgressive projects; showing the latest trends in Asian fantastic genre and the new American B movies, as well as the complete Catalan genre production. The Festival’s multidisciplinary character is topped off with a wide variety of sections that include a painstakingly chosen selection of documentaries and the best TV series of the moment.

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, Sitges 2015 pays homage to the film Seven, the star of the poster for this 48th edition, the psycho thriller by David Fincher that set a precedent by magnificently combining the crime film genre with horror and that confirmed the talent of its director. For this occasion, the Festival has published the book Seven. Los pecados de David Fincher (Seven, David Fincher’s Sins), with contributions from different authors and addressing the influence this film has had on horror and thrillers in recent year.

The 169 films that make up the Festival’s sections contain names that are a solid guarantee in genre cinema and some of the most interesting proposals in current film. This is the case with Alex van Warmerdam, Takashi Miike, S. Craig Zahler, Can Evrenol, Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Marcin Wrona, Andrzej Zulawski, André Turpin, Robert Carlyle, Patricia Rozema, Cédric Anger, Ryoo Seung-wan, Terry Jones, Paolo Sorrentino, Charlie Kaufman, Takeshi Kitano, Rick Alverson, Joe Begos, Sebastian Schipper or Jaco Van Dormael, among others. The Festival’s screen will be showing films by these masters starring Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, Nicole Kidman, Kurt Russell, Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel, Ewan McGregor, Ellen Page, Evan Rachel Wood, Kevin Bacon, Keanu Reeves, Arnold Schwarzenneger, Taissa Farmiga, Sam Rockwell, Robert Carlyle, Emma Thompson, Simon Pegg, Kate Beckinsale, Elijah Wood, Robert Pattinson, Vincent Cassel, Joseph Fiennes, Isabelle Huppert, Gérard Depardieu, Ron Perlman, Mads Mikkelsen, Winona Ryder and Eva Green, among many others.

The Festival’s cinematic options will be rounded out with a wide variety of cultural activities and events, new venues and the debut of a new theater: the Tramuntana Room. This venue is added to the other three regular movie theaters: the Auditori, the Retiro and the Prado. This venue ­–which up to now hosted presentations and side events– has been fitted out as a movie theater and will host a large number of screenings, as well as some important master classes. In addition to these four movie theaters, the Festival has also included other venues for screenings and events: the Escorxador (hosting, once again, the Brigadoon section, presenting 46 feature length films and 40 shorts), the Hotel Avenida Sofía (hosting two different Serial Sitges sessions, sponsored by the FNAC) Maricel Palace (presenting a Game of Thrones special),  the Movistar+ Zone (a free venue down at La Fragata Square with different screenings the first weekend of the Festival) and Hort de Can Falç (which for the third year in a row will be having free, al fresco screenings on both weekends).

An open door to industry and universities

This year, Sitges debuts four initiatives aimed at showcasing its role as a meeting point for the industry and Catalan talent. On the one hand, Sitges Pitchbox is born as a tool of the Festival and the Filmarket Hub platform, offering opportunities for possible feature length genre productions and for which 170 projects are signed up. On the other, the Industry Meeting Point –installed at the Hotel Melià– will pool together actions and initiatives by Catalan professionals and industrialists. At the same time, the Blood Window Red Carpet this year creates a panel of actors and actresses with international projection, selected by a jury of the Catalan Film Academy, the Catalan Association of Professional Actors and Directors of Catalonia and industry professionals. And finally, this year the Festival debuts the Sitges Campus 2015, a forum on thrillers in collaboration with Catalan universities and film schools.

For the third year in a row, Sitges will be holding the ESCAC Week, a program of activities and screenings where hundreds of film school students participate as a part of the Festival. This experience as accredited Sitges Festival goers allows them to live this artistic and industry-related event from the inside, understand international fantastic genre filmmaking and participate in Spain’s professional network.

And like every year, the Festival will also host the SGAE Nova Autoria screenings, a selection of short films by Catalan film and audiovisual schools that are eligible for the SGAE Nova Autoria Awards for best screenplay, best director and best music.

Catalan Productions

Once again the 48th Sitges – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia is committed to Catalan productions and is a gateway for the latest national genre works. Six Catalan productions are included in the Sitges 2015 lineup: The Corpse of Ana Fritz, Vulcania, Segon Origen (Second Origin), Summer Camp, La Novia and Sacramento.




Official Fantàstic Jury

Jarod Neece (producer)

Kier La-Janisse (producer)

Carlos Areces (actor)

Javier Ruiz Caldera (director)

Fernando Ronchese (director) 

Noves Visions Jury

Evrim Ersoy (director)

Alexandre Philippe (director)

Toni Espinosa (producer)

Blood Window / Panorama Jury

Tom Davia (producer)

Romain Roll (actor)

Nicolás López (director)

Meliès Jury

Luis Rosales (critic)

Uri Aviv (director)

Manuel Carballo (director)

Focus Àsia – Anima’t Jury

Jongsuk Thomas Nam (programmer)

Pierce Conran (producer)

Me Me Lai (actress)

Òrbita Jury

Giorgio Gosetti (journalist)

Josep Parera (critic)

Brigadoon Jury

Mónica Murguía (makeup artist)

Víctor García (director)

Omar Parra (programmer)

Phonetàstic Jury

Can Evrenol (director)

Thierry Philips (director Liège Festival)

Domingo López (critic)

Grand Honorary Award

Oliver Stone (director)

Time Machine Award

Nicolas Winding Refn (director)

Rick Baker (F/X specialist)

Andrzej Zulawski (director)

Sion Sono (director)

Terry Jones (director)

Honorary Maria Award

Simon Yam (actor)

Nosferatu Award

Rossana Yanni (actress)

The Witch

Robert Eggers (director)

Anya Taylor-Joy (actress)

Short Nivel 7

Santiago Segura (director)

Enrique Villén (actor)


Can Evrenol (director)

Muge Buyuktalas (producer)

The Hallow

Corin Hardy (director)

Joe Neurater (producer)

Knock Knock

Eli Roth (director)

Yakuza Apocalypse

Takashi Miike (director)

Misako Saka (producer)

Shigeji Maeda (producer)

Hideaki Iwamoto (producer)


Gaspar Noé (director)

We are Still Here

Ted Geoghegan (director)

The Invitation

Karyn Kusama (director)

Phil Hay (producer)

Le tout noveau testament

Jaco Van Dormael (director)

The Boy

Craig William Macneill (director)


André Turpin (director)

Luc Dery (producer)

Kim McGraw (producer)

The Devil’s Candy

Sean Byrne (director)


José Skaf (director)

José Sacristán (actor)

Aura Garrido (actress)

Miquel Fernández (actor)

Ginés García Millán (actor)

Ana Wagener (actress)

Sílvia Abril (actress)

David Matamoros (producer)

Ángeles Hernández (producer)

Gerard Rodríguez (producer)

Bone Tomahawk

S. Craig Zahler (director)


Bernard Rose (director)

Turbo Kid

François Simard (director)

Anouk Whissell (director)

Yoann-Karl Whissell (director)

Benoit Beaulieu (producer)

The Gift

Edu Grau (cinematographer)


Quashiq Mukherjee (director)


Laia Costa (actress)

What We Become

Bo Mikkelsen (director)

Louis Tisné (producer)

Troels Lyby (actor)

The Survivalist

Stephen Fingleton (director)

The Corpse of Anna Fritz

Héctor Hernández Vicens (director)

Xavier Atance (producer)

Albert Carbó (actor)

Alba Ribas (actress)

Cristian Valencia (actor)

Bernat Samuel (actor)

Oriol Maymó (producer)

Alberto Aranda (producer)

Marta Carbó (producer)

Summer Camp

Alberto Marini (director)

Andrés Velencoso (actor)

Maiara Walsh (actress)

Àlex Monner (actor)

Jaume Balagueró (producer)

Absolutely Anything

Terry Jones (director)

Bemn Timlett (producer)

Green Room

Jeremy Saulnier (director)

Cop Car

John Watts (director)


Kevin Goetz (director)

Michael Goetz (director)

Segon Origen

Carles Porta (director)

Oscar Rodríguez (producer)

Andrés Batista (actor)

Ibrahim Mané (actor)

Blood Red Carpet

Suzane Smith (casting director)

Juliette Ménager (casting director)

Vicky Luengo (actress)

Laia Costa (actress)

Alejo Saura (actor)

Álvaro Cervantes (actor)

Peter Vives (actor)

Godeliv Van der Brandt (actress)

Into The Forest

Patricia Rozema (director)

Niv Fichman (producer)

La próxima vez apuntaré al corazón

Cédric Anger (director)

Slow West

John McLean (director)

Mr. Right

Paco Cabezas (director)

Max Landis (screenwriter)


Rotem Levim (producer)

Nir Miretzky (producer)

Brand New U

Simon Pummell (director)

Janine Marmot (producer)

The Pack

Michael Robertson (producer)

El eslabón podrido

Valentín Javier Diment (director)

Sebastián Cortés (screenwriter)

Macarena García Lenzi (producer)

The Demolisher

Tianna Nori (actress)

Los Parecidos

Isaac Ezban (director)


Daniel DiGrado (director)

Alexander Rönnberg (producer)

Amalia Holm (actress)

Felice Jankell (actress)

Rebecka Nyman (actress)

Molly Nutley (actress)

Kim W. Andersson (screenwriter)

Inner Demon

Ursula Dabrowsky (director)

Sarah Jeavons (actress)

The Mind’s Eye

Joe Begos (director)

Nina Forever

Ben Blaine (director)

Chris Blaine (director)

The Shelter

John Fallon (director)

Night Fare

Julien Seri (director)

Pascal Sid (guionista)

Writer’s Retreat

Chris Fairbank (actor)

Robert Muston (producer)

Dan Lincoln (film editor)

Goddess of Love

Alexis Kendra (actress and screenwriter)

Smoke and Mirrors

Tom Savini (F/X specialist)

Lost Souls

Richard Stanley (actor)

I am Your Father

Toni Bestard (director)

Marcos Cabotá (director)

Paula Serra Magrané (producer)

Miquel Verd Cañellas (producer)

Diana de la Cuadra (production manager)

Dark Star: H.R. Giger’s World

Sandra Beretta (producer)

Entertainment / The Comedy

Rick Alverson (director)

Der Nachtmahr

Akiz (director)

Blind Sun

Joyce A. Nashawati (director)

Vincent Brançon (productor)

Lionel Gudej (productor)


Luciano Onetti (director)

Nicolás Onetti (producer)

Juan María Onetti (actor)

Evangelina Goitia (actress)

Ni le ciel ni la terre

Clement Cogitore (director)

Haruko’s Paranormal Laboratory

Lisa Takeba (director)

Lace Crater

Harrison Atkins (director)


Lucile Hadzihalilovic (director)


Carlos Cañeque (director)

Maite Grau (art director)

Fermí Reixach (actor)

Tony Corvillo (actor)


Mitchell Lichtenstein (director)

Joyce Pierpoline (producer)

The Maidroid

No Zin-Soo (director)

La novia

Paula Ortiz (director)

Leticia Dolera (actress)

Imma Cuesta (actress)

Alex Lafuente (producer)

Luisa Gavasa (actress)


Antonio Trashorras (director)

Extraordinary Tales

Raúl García (director)

The Thief & The Cobbler

Richard Williams (director)

Imogen Sutton (productor)

The Crimson Whale

Hyemi Park (director)

Dyke Hard

Bitte Andersson (director)

Ninja War of Torakage

Yoshishiro Nishimura (director)

Takumi Saito (actor)


Chad Archibald (director)

Christopher Giroux (producer)

Cody Calahan (producer)


Alberto Sciamma (director)


Jason Lei Howden (director)

Sarah Howden (productora)


Lucio AQ. Rojas (director)

Andrea García-Huidobro (actress)


Benni Díez (director)

Benjamin Munz (produce

German Angst

Michael Kosakowski (director)

Andreas Marschall (muntador)

Andrea Staerke (productor)

Darkside Witches

Gerard Diefenthal (director)

Simone Jacoella (producer)


Tetsuya Okabe (director)

Nonoka Baba (actress)

Yumi Hasegawa (cinematographer)

Soledad Miranda

Pepe Flores (director)

Paco Millán (director)

Francisco Prieto López (producer)

Point Zero

Arthur Cauras (director)

Cédric Hachard (producer)


Christian Cueva (director)


Kevin A. McCarthy (director)

Freak Out

Boaz Armoni (director)

Amit Ginat (muntador)


Yotam Ishay (actor)

The Simon’s Jigsaw

Luís Esquinas (director)

Ninja Eliminator 4

Mathieu Berthon (director)


Brin Tilly (director)

Go to Sleep

Javier Barberá (director)

Alien Inside

Alfonso García López (director)


Francisco González Prada (director)

Javier González Prada (director)


Marc Martínez Jordán (director)

La Hora del Baño

Eduardo Casanova (director)


David Barrera (director)


Paco Ruiz (director)


Blanca Portillo (actress)


PHOTO 1: Noves Visions section poster
PHOTO 2: Oficial Òrbita section poster
PHOTO 3: 48th edition poster





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