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Big worldwide and European premieres will be landing at Sitges 2017

Sitges 2017 presents a lineup including 18 world premieres along with 20 European premieres

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, the Sitges Festival has prepared a novel lineup within the international scene: of the two hundred films that will be screened between October 5th and 15th, forty of them will having their premiere, either European or worldwide, on Sitges 2017’s screens. A lineup that is already available on the Festival’s website. 

The fantastic genre films that will be seen this year in Sitges promise to be a veritable feast for our viewers. The Festival presents an Official Selection with 15 new releases, both worldwide and European, including the outstanding El Habitante, Muse, The Cured or the Korean Real; eight premieres in the Noves Visions section, where national productions gain in relevance; five  premieres in the Órbita Section where Asia continues to display its potential with films like The Battleship Island; five world premieres in the Panorama section: Beyond Skyline, Creep and Stephanie, along with the documentaries Drácula Barcelona and World of Darkness; four more in Midnight-X-Treme with a distinctly Latin American flavor, and the world premiere of The Super in a special screening.

World Premieres

The Official Selection will include the world premiere of Muse, directed by one of the Festival’s unconditional directors, Jaume Balagueró. But it won’t be alone. Among the twenty or so short films competing in the Official Selection, three of them, Caronte, Psycho Kino and RIP, are produced in Catalonia. Completing the world premieres in the Official Selection are Errementari, the latest production from Álex de la Iglesia and Carolina Bang, the black humor comedy Matar a Dios, directed by Albert Pintó and Caye Casas, and El Habitante, a demonic nightmare that three sisters wind up involved in, when they find a young women with signs of having been tortured in the basement of a corrupt senator’s house; and the surreal comedy from the United Kingdom Gloves Off that shows how a group of outcasts stand up to adversity.

Also from Latin America, in this case from Uruguay and Argentina, is the zany science fiction comedy Fiesta Nibiru, which will have its world premiere in the Noves Visions section, where three national productions, Arder, The Biggest Thing That Ever Hit Brodway–Redux, and the debut feature film by Leonese director Ángel González, Compulsión, will be presented internationally.

The continuation of the science fiction blockbuster Skyline, Beyond Skyline, starring Frank Grillo; the return of actor Mark Duplass in the shoes of a lonely, endearing guy with a tendency to kill his peers, in Creep 2; and the horror movie Stephanie, by Akiva Goldsman, writer of the Academy Award winning A Beautiful Mind, are the three world premieres that can be seen in the Panorama section. In addition, the devil, stories that are a part of popular Mexican culture and the filming of a documentary about the terrible events that took place in Epecuén (Argentina), are the storylines of the terrifying Belzebuth, México Bárbaro II: Leyendas y tradiciones mexicanas, and What the Waters Left Behind: the three big premieres in Midnight-X-Treme.

In the documentary section, Sitges 2017 will be presenting two world premieres related to the Festival’s theme: the Dracula character. On the one hand, the premiere of Carles Prats’ Drácula Barcelona, and on the other, the screening of World of Darkness, directed by Kevin Lee & Giles Alderson, which explores the phenomenon that emerged during the nineties as a result of Vampire: The Masquerade.

The American mystery movie The Super, along with The Supers, the new production by Afilm International Film Workshop revolving a group of superheroes who have lost their license, are the two final world premieres that can be seen at Sitges 2017 in a special screening.

European Premieres

In addition to the world premieres, numerous European premieres can also be seen at Sitges 2017, like the Festival’s closing film, the Irish movie The Lodgers. Besides the already announced Mom and Dad, Revenge or The Ritual, this year’s In Competition Official Selection will be showing the premiere of the Spanish The Maus, Yayo Herrero’s debut feature film, where a young couple traveling through Bosnia and Herzegovina will have to face a mysterious force emerging from the woods. Continuing in the Official Selection, but in its Discovery section, the Festival will be screening the European debut of the Chinese-Korean film Real, by first-time director Love Lee, a stylized, visually stunning thriller; and from the co-production between the United Kingdom, Ireland and France comes The Cured, directed by David Freyne who debuts with this film about a post-apocalyptic future where a virus has ravaged the population and turned people into cannibals, and the surprising Australian film Rabbit.

Also in the Official Selection but Out of Competition, the Festival presents the Korean drama A Single Rider, although we can’t reveal what it’s about because it’s a huge spoiler, and the previously announced Happy Death Day, an amusing horror comedy directed by Christopher Landon, that combines the storylines from Scream and Groundhog Day.

In the Noves Visions section, joining its already mentioned opening film Most Beautiful Island by Spanish director Ana Asensio, are the European premieres of the American The Crescent by Seth A. Smith, a film where dreams and hallucinations are combined with an experimental element, and Indiana by Toni Comas, seen at the Fantasia Festival in Canada: an atmospheric supernatural drama that has become one of this year’s big surprises, and the Japanese film Stray Nightingale by Takuji Izumi, a very modern and visually mind-blowing version of kabuki theater. Also from Japan, but in the Midnight-X-Treme section, you’ll find Vampire Clay, the big Japan Madness and low cost Japanese cinema surprise.

Finally, there will be outstanding European premieres in the Órbita section where we can see the latest Korean blockbuster The Battleship Island, seen by more than 7 million viewers this summer in Korea, in its 151 minute director’s cut, the also Korean A Special Lady, Last Rampage from the United States, recovering a famous actor like Robert Patrick in a jailbreak, and Madraza, the Argentinean feature film debut by Hernán Aguilar, a black comedy with a heroine worthy of comics.





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