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Horror and documentaries are the stars of Brigadoon 2020

Sitges 2020's Brigadoon section presents its latest developments, rounding off an extensive line-up of feature and short films that represent the Festival's most innovative side.

In the case of its feature films, the Chilean movie The House, directed by Jorge Olguin, explores the realm of paranormal effects, with a story inspired by real events that takes place in an old mansion. A horror film recorded in real time with no cuts. Also revolving around mystery is H.P. Lovecraft’s The Deep Ones, where director Chad Ferrin unites the worlds of Lovecraft and Rosemary’s Baby through an enigmatic cult.

With the shadow of Charles Bronson looming over it, Jostissi de Carreró is an action comedy directed by Pedro Miralles and set in Mallorca. Including several references to 80's movies and series, the director builds an action-packed, laugh-out-loud artifact.

When it comes to documentaries, Brigadoon will be presenting Mario Abbade’s Ivan. O Terrível, the analysis of the life and work of the Brazilian director Ivan Cardoso. This piece will be accompanied by a retrospective of his filmography, along with The Seven Vampires (1986), The Secret of the Mummy (1982) and A Werewolf in the Amazon (2005). Another filmmaker, Piero Vivarelli, will be remembered in the documentary Life As a B Movie: Piero Vivarelli, by Fabrizio Laurenti and Niccolò Vivarelli. The Italian director and screenwriter is well known for co-writing Sergio Corbucci's classic, Django, and making the adaptation of the comic book Satanik (1986).

Pujolar “Los muertos aun recuerdan su nombre”, directed by Eduardo Gion, is a work that examines the artistic life of Albert Pujolar, cartoonist and illustrator of a large number of the covers that Bruguera published during the 70's. Finally, you can also see  Hail to the Deadites, a documentary that revolves around Sam Raimi's classic The Evil Dead, where director Steve Villeneuve explores the fan phenomenon that emerged worldwide surrounding the film.

Brigadoon will also pay tribute to Brazilian filmmaker José Mojica Marins. In addition to the screening of his film At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul (1964) in the Seven Chances section, you can also see the documentary Maldito: The Strange World of Mojica Marins, by André Barcinski and Ivan Finotti, and the short film The Universe of Mojica Marins, directed by Ivan Cardoso.

In the awards category, Brigadoon has already announced that the Nosferatu Award will go to the actor Manuel de Blas, a visible face in Spanish fantastic genre films since the sixties and who is still active. The Brigadoon Paul Naschy Award will be determined among the following in competition short films: Alberto Evangelio Ramos' Casa; Pol Diggler's Horrorscope; Javi Prada's Spyglass; A Witch is Born by Otto (Matteo Macaluso and Federica Pini); Le tueur du lac maudit, by Laurent Ardoint i Stephane Duprat; Miguel Alcalde’s AaMamá; Tomas Stark’s A Tale Best Forgotten; Patrick Haischberger’s Rainy Season; Jerónimo García Castela’s Tártaro; Pavel G. Vesnakov’s Chimera, and Jamie Gyngell’s 4X6.





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