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Pack Festival de Sitges 40th Anniversary

It is an honor for Cameo to be able to be present at the Sitges ' International Film Festival of Catalonia, very especially this year when the most important competition in the genre world is 40 years old.

The Sitges Festival Pack will be made up of three films that are transcendental to understand the evolution of fantasy in the last decades: 'Réquiem' (big winner at last year's festival obtaining awards for Best Motion Picture, Best Actress and Special Critic's Award, 'Lost Highway' (one of David Lynch's most important movies) and 'Avalon' (a commitment to the more daring and revolutionary Asian cinema from guru Mamoru Oshii). In addition, whoever buys this pack will be able to enjoy a fourth DVD where you will find the documentary on David Lynch 'Pretty as a Picture'; an unreleased interview with the director of 'Réquiem', Hans Christian Schmid and the multi-award-winning trilogy of short films created by César Velasco Broca whose latest installment ('Avant Pétalos Grillados'), besides winning the grand prize at the Slamdance Festival, was the first Spanish short in almost 40 years to compete at the Cannes Festival. The posters and commercials created for the Festival by the award-winning companies Vitruvio and Art&maña complete a luxury pack that can be purchased exclusively for a very special price at official stands during the Festival and, starting October 10th, in any specialized store or large supermarket.

In 2006 Cameo worked with the Festival exclusively launching two films from the director it was paying tribute to: David Lynch ('Lost Highway' and 'Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me'). It was such a big hit that for this occasion we have decided to go even further: preparing an Exclusive 4 DVD Pack that sums up, the beast way possible, the essence of the festival: risk, ambition and a profound love of a genre that has been questioned so many times.

Likewise this launching will have space in the Festival's program. On October 10th, the Brigadoon section will be screening 'Lost Highway' and 'Pretty as a picture', plus those attending will be participating in a raffle of several Packs. Another day that is still to be determined you can also see 'Avalon' and finally, 'Avant Pétalos Grillados' will be one of this edition's star short films.

With the launching of the Sitges Festival Pack, Cameo reaffirms its commitment to the best cinema and extends its line of Packs in collaboration with Festivals that it began last year (and repeats this one) with the San Sebastián Festival that has been complemented with the launching of the compilations of the four big international competitions: Sundance, Berlin, Cannes and Venice.






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