28-08-2017 13:00


The Sitges Film Festival opens a window in Paris

The Étrange Festival will be hosting a focus on Catalan fantastic genre film in collaboration with the Ramon Llull Institute

Paris and the Ramon Llull Institute join in the celebrations of Sitges’ 50th anniversary with the programming of iconic titles in Catalan genre film at the Étrange Festival. During its 23rd edition, to be held from September 6th to 17th, the French competition will be screening films that have become classics, combined with more recent initiatives.

The focus on Catalan fantastic genre film will be kicking off in Paris on Friday September 8th with Anguish (Bigas Luna, 1987) and In a Glass Cage (Agustí Villaronga, 1987), two unsettling and essential films in Catalan horror cinema. On Saturday September 9th, the turn goes to two movies that could be seen at last year’s Sitges Film Festival, the claustrophobic El ataúd de cristal (Haritz Zubillaga, 2016) and the documentary Herederos de la bestia (Diego López and David Pizarro, 2016) about the film The Day of the Beast, directed by Álex de la Iglesia. Following this second screening, there will be a Q&A session with the participation of Haritz Zubillaga, Diego López, David Pizarro, Jaume Balagueró, Xavier Gens and Àngel Sala –Director of the Sitges Film Festival–. 

Sunday September 10th will be dedicated to the screening of the short films Alicia (Jaume Balagueró, 1994), Días sin luz (Jaume Balagueró, 1995) , Génesis (Nacho Cerdá, 1998), Zero (David Victori, 2016), Zone 84 (Lonan Garcia, 2016) and Amo (Àlex Gargot, 2016). The closing of the focus on Catalan fantastic films will be featuring the world premiere of Cold Skin, directed by Xavier Gens, the adaptation of the novel by Albert Sánchez Piñol. In addition to these films, the festival has given director Jaume Balagueró carte blanche to put together his own selection of movies: Elephant Man, by David Lynch; Le sacrifice, by Andrei Tarkovski; La bouche de Jean-Pierre, by Lucile Hadzihalilovic; La Grande Bouffe, by Marco Ferreri and Street Trash, by James M.Muro.

The Étrange Festival, born in 1995, is dedicated to a cinematic production that includes surprising and atypical films of all genres: fantastic, dramatic, for children, horror, documentary, etc. and it attaches a special importance to the screening of unreleased films. The lineup, directed by Frédéric Temps, Philippe Lux and Marc Troonen, is divided into different sections that will offer a total of approximately 180 screenings in ten days. The festival presents its lineup from September 6th to 17th at the Forum des Images, a Ville de Paris municipal facility founded in 1988 and dedicated to cinema and audiovisuals, located in the Forum des Halles.





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