11-10-2017 17:50


Leticia Dolera receives the Sitges Bacardí Indomitable Spirit Award

The crew from ‘Cold Skin, headed by its director Xavier Gens, displays its fantasy in Sitges

The marathon-like day the Festival lived today had two media focuses. On the one hand, the parade of talents at the Bacardí party, along with the presentation of the Indomitable Spirit Award, which went to actress Leticia Dolera this year. And on the other, the presentation of the Honorary Maria Award to producer Denise O’Dell in the Meliá Auditorium, prior to the screening of the film Cold Skin, the eagerly awaited adaptation of Albert Sánchez Piñol’s novel. In addition, the production company Logical Pictures was presented during a day dedicated to industry; meanwhile in the Brigadoon section, the film El Espectro de Justine was screened as part of the tribute dedicated to actor Tony Isbert.

The indomitable spirit of actress, screenwriter and director Leticia Dolera reached Sitges 2017 where she was all charm, elegance and character. Three characteristics present throughout her increasingly extensive career, that –after starting on television with series like Al Salir de Clase and winning audiences’ heart with her iconic role of Laura in [Rec]³: Genesis, by Paco Plaza– reached her maturity in screenwriting and directing with the wonderful Requisitos Para Ser Una Persona Normal. Leticia Dolera received the Bacardí Sitges Indomitable Spirit Award a day when female profiles are having, by right and on their own merits, an enormous presence, in both the number of films directed by women –Coralie Fargeat with her debut feature Revenge, or Korean filmmaker Lee Zoo-young, who presented A Single Rider yesterday–, and debates on the role of women in the film industry or encounters with charismatic actresses like Susan Sarandon, Carmen Machi or Barbara Crampton.

And speaking of charismatic women, today producer Denise O’Dell –who participated in the production of films like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Swordfish or Kingdom of Heaven–, received the Honorary María Award in the Meliá Sitges Auditori, at the presentational screening of Cold Skin, a film that is a part of the corpus of her latest productions. For the presentation of the movie–an adaptation of the big hit fantastic novel by Albert Sánchez Piñol– a part of its technical and artistic crews came to Sitges, headed by its director Xavier Gens, remembered for his terrifying Frontier(s) with which he debuted as a director at the 2007 Sitges Film Festival. He was accompanied by actress Aura Garrido; the supervisor of special effects, Félix Bergés; and a large number of the production crew.

In addition, today, Wednesday, (at 22:00), arriving to Movistar Estrenos (channel31), is the exclusive premiere of Brimstone, a crude western with a distinguished supporting cast that was presented this morning at the Festival. Halfway between the most violent western and the most spine-chilling psychological thriller, Brimstone is divided into four parts –revelation, exodus, genesis and retribution– which explore that blurred line between religious fanaticism and the most ruthless cruelty. Martin Koolhoven’s film competed for the Golden Lion at the recent Venice Festival. Movistar + will precisely be presenting the eagerly awaited series La Zona tomorrow at the Festival. 

The Brigadoon section, which has banked on the most heterogeneous fantastic genre this year and is paying tribute actor Tony Isbert, who will be receiving the que Nosferatu Award on Friday 13th, screened El Espectro de Justine today, an unclassifiable, shunned and unreleased film directed by the deceased Andorran director Jordi Gigó, which brings together fantasy and eroticism based on Sade’s tale Justine. Today, Brigadoon’s program was topped off with the attendance of Asian filmmakers Yoshihiro Nishimura –who presented the Japan Madness screening–, and Jung Byun-gil –at the CineAsia screening–. Brigadoon’s lineup is free of charge and will continue on into Sunday 15th,at its usual location, The Sitges Escorxador.

Today was completed with the activities the Festival dedicates to industry. This morning was the presentation of the movie production company Logical Pictures –that presented the film Revenge at Sitges 2017–, while this afternoon was dedicated to the presentation of the Guia Taxació (Valuation Guide), which analyzes a film’s production costs. 





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