13-10-2017 12:30


Sitges announces the Saturday and Sunday marathons

The Disaster Artist, You Were Never Really Here, Jeepers Creepers 3 and The Lodgers make up Saturday’s marathon

The surprise marathon that the Festival has programmed for tomorrow, Saturday, at the Sitges Meliá Auditori is one of the most high voltage marathons ever presented during its fifty years of existence. 4 films. 394 minutes. And a spectacular lineup: The Disaster Artist, winner of the award for best feature film at the San Sebastian Film Festival, one of the gems from the recent Cannes Festival, You Were Never Really Here, the film that will be closing Sitges 2017, The Lodgers, and the third part of the Jeepers Creepers saga. The Sunday October 15th marathons at the Auditori, Retiro, Prado and Tramuntana were also announced today.

Today, Friday 13th, a day that means so much to all fantastic genre film fans, the Sitges Film Festival revealed one of this year’s best kept secrets: the four movies that make up the surprise marathon programmed for tomorrow, Saturday, in the Hotel Meliá Auditori, that will begin at 23:30, following the closing gala, and will continue into the night until 6:00 in the morning.

The Disaster Artist, the film directed by and starring James Franco, winner of the Golden Shell Award in San Sebastian, will be in charge of opening an evening that guarantees tons of laughter. In the movie, the American actor and director tells the story of the filming of Tommy Wiseau’s The Room, considered to be the worst movie in the entire history of cinema.

The session will continue with You Were Never Really Here, seen this year in Cannes. In this new film by Lynne Ramsay -responsible for, among others, the excellent We Need to Talk About Kevin-, actor Joaquin Phoenix offers a master class in interpretation, playing a tough and tormented cop on a mission to find a missing girl.

The evening’s third film, Jeepers Creepers 3, by Victor Salva, is one of the most eagerly awaited by genre fans since it was announced that the film would have a limited premiere in movie theaters for just one day, this past September 26th. So tomorrow, Saturday’s screening will be its first viewing at a Film Festival.

The marathon will be brought to a close with the screening of Sitges 2017’s closing film, The Lodgers, the gothic horror film directed by Irishman Brian O'Malley.


The rest of the marathons, programmed for Sunday 15th, are:


Auditori (morning 09:30):

1. What Happened to Monday

2. My Friend Dahmer

3. Downrange


Auditori (afternoon 15:30):

1. Revenge

2. Wind River

3. The Killing of Sacred Deer

4. Brawl in Cell Block 99

5. Mom and Dad


Retiro (morning 09:30):

1. Tragedy Girls

2. Real

3. Dave Made a Maze


Retiro (afternoon 15:30):

1. The Ritual

2. Blade of the Immortal

3. The Villainess

4. Survival Family

5. Kuso


Prado (morning 10:30):

1. Loving Vincent

2. Fireworks

3. Mutafukaz


Prado (afternoon 15:30):

1. Jupiter’s Moon

2. As boas maneiras

3. Les affamés

4. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

5. Mayhem


Tramuntana (morning 10:30):

1. I Think you’re Little Confused

2. Daemon Runner

3. Cerulia

4. Nocturne

5. L’Ogre

6. Apostolos

7. RIP

8. Caronte

9. Escarabana

10. Hybrids

11. Pepe La Morse

12. Latched

13. L’Ora del Buio

14. Teddy Bears Picnic

15. Last Tree Standing

16. Hum

17. Lacrimosa

18. Cocolors


Tramuntana (afternoon 15:30):

1. November

2. Hagazussa

3. Caniba

4. Laissez bronzer les cadavres

5. Anna and the Apocalypse





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