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Italian cinema and documentaries to be featured in Brigadoon 2018

Ron Perlman, winner of the Time Machine Award, will be in charge of kicking off the Sitges Zombie Walk

The Brazilian film A Mata Negra, the zany Spanish flick Apocalipsis Voodoo; a selection of the most remarkable fantastic genre documentaries featuring All Eyes on Lenzi: The Life and Times of the Italian Exploitation Titan; along with a retrospective on the late filmmaker José Ramón Larraz, are a part of the central focus of the lineup for Sitges 2018’s Brigadoon section.

Included among the most outstanding feature film premieres in this year’s Brigadoon section are the Italian films Rabbia furiosa, directed by the FX specialist Sergio Stivaletti, and Luigi Cozzi’s Little Wizards of Oz, a fantastic children’s fable revolving around the world of Oz. Zombies, cops and funk music come together in the zany Spanish film Apocalipsis Voodoo by Vanis J. Ramos, while the Brazilian A Mata Negra, by Rodrigo Aragão, is based on the appearance of a book of magic that unleashes Evil on the Earth. The section will also be presenting the documentaries Goodbye Ringo, by Pere Marzo Font, about the legendary Esplugues City studios; Oskar Teixidor’s Director Z, el vendedor de ilusiones, about Basque filmmaker José María Zabalza; R. Robles Rafatal’ Navajeros, censores y nuevos realizadores, focusing on the birth and evolution of the so-called cine quinqui (delinquent movies); and Simón Hernández’s La venganza de Jairo, about Columbian filmmaker Jairo Pinilla, who visited the Festival in 2013.

This year the Nosferatu Award, as previously announced a few months ago, goes to German actress Helga Liné, who will be in Sitges to present the film Horror (1963), by Alberto de Martino, and a special screening of Horror Rises From the Tomb (Carlos Aured, 1972). And continuing with the awards, as always the Brigadoon Paul Naschy Award will go to one of the following selected shorts films: Keep the Gaslight Burning, Birth, The Itch, Baghead, Casa Cheia, Hay algo en la oscuridad, Bailaora, La bestia and Bec (Black Eyed Child). The jury of this category is made up of filmmaker Jaume Balagueró, the Director of the San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival, Josemi Beltrán and Loles Fanlo, Deputy Director of the D’A Film Festival in Barcelona.

Among others, featured in Sitges Documenta, the Brigadoon section dedicated to the documentary genre, are the documentary focusing on Umberto Lenzi, All Eyes on Lenzi: The Life and Times of the Italian Exploitation Titan, directed by Calum Waddell; the film The Ambrotype Group, George Romero: An Independent Man, where the American director and his work are analyzed; and Marcus Hearn’s Hammer Horror: The Warner Bros Years, focusing on co-productions with Warner Bros., for example Dracula Has Risen from the Grave or The Satanic Rites of Dracula.

Tributes, special screenings, retrospectives and encounters

Brigadoon will be paying tribute to Italian director Umberto Lenzi –deceased last October– who received the Festival’s Nosferatu Award in 2008. Born in Massa Marittima, in the province of Grosseto in 1931, Lenzi trained as a filmmaker in Rome and debuted as a director in 1958 with the film An Italian in Greece. A celluloid enthusiast, his career evolved during the 60s, 70s and 80s, becoming one of the great specialists in low budget police and horror genre films. Among his movies that can be seen in Brigadoon are Ironmaster (1983), A Quiet Place to Kill (1970) and Nightmare City (1980).

Brigadoon will also be offering Special Screenings, like the showing of Veronica that will be attended by its director Paco Plaza, with whom viewers will be able to participate in a talk; or the episode El hombre que vendió su alma, a part of the series Mañana puede ser verdad directed by Narciso Ibáñez Serrador in 1962 for the Argentinean television, and that was recently rediscovered and digitalized. There will also be a special screening of Iván Zulueta’s classic, Arrebato, with a restored copy that will be reissued soon.

The late filmmaker José Ramón Larraz be having a retrospective of his work, with the screening of some of his restored films, in collaboration with Arrow Film, like Vampyres (1974) or Deadly Manor (1990).

One of the most interesting and moving moments will be the encounter with the legendary actress Dyanne Thorne, known for the famous ‘Ilsa trilogy, and her husband, actor Howard Maurer. They will both participate in a talk with viewers before the screening of the film Greta-The Wicked Warden (1977), directed by Jess Franco.

Sitges Zombie Walk

This year the traditional Sitges Zombie Walk will take place on the first Saturday of the Festival, which will be October 6th, and the person in charge of kicking it off will be actor Ron Perlman, winner of the Time Machine Award this year. Once again, Zombie Walk 2018 will be a meeting point where zombies from all over the world can wander the streets of Sitges.





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