11-10-2018 19:15


Sitges surrenders to Peter Weir's legend

‘Overlord’, ‘Superlópez’ and ‘The Year of the Plague’ are the big features of a vibrant day

Peter Weir was the big star of the day at the Festival. The Australian filmmaker, following his meeting with the press, attended the presentation of the movie The Truman Show at the Prado along with actor Ed Harris. In the afternoon, the director picked up the Grand Honorary Award, before the ovation of the entire auditorium, right before the screening of the American film Overlord. Along with this movie, also featured today was the world premiere of Superlópez and the screening of The Year of the Plague. In addition to the award for Weir, today the Festival was also the stage for other prizes: the Méliès, the Blood Carpet and the Honorary María to actress and producer Traci Lords.

After the storm… at the Sitges Festival there is no calm. Today, the film competition had the most frenetic of the nine days accumulated by the 2018 space ship with the 2001 label. Eleven photocalls, three press conferences, four award presentations… The great legend of contemporary cinema, Peter Weir, was the big star of the day. Director of films that are already part of the collective imagination, the Australian creator –highly regarded worldwide for movies like Master and Commander or Witness– demonstrated his humility as soon as he landed in Sitges:I didn’t get trained at a film school. I did it watching films and learning day by day. When I think about a project, I don’t opt for one genre or another, I look for a story that I’m excited about sharing”. He also had words for his good friend Robin Williams, who he said “was a special man, a friend I lost while flying to Sitges, in 2014”. The filmmaker presented, along with actor and good friend Ed Harris, one of his most prophetic films, The Truman Show, at a Prado movie theater that experienced a memorable day. In the afternoon, after an intense day, Peter Weir received the Great Honorary Award from the hands of the Festival Director, Ángel Sala, at an event held at the Meliá Auditori.

And Australia is precisely the home country of Julius Avery, director of Overlord, one of the three outstanding titles today. This production by J.J Abrams that was presented in Sitges at its European premiere, is set in early 20th century England and portrays the eve of D Day, where a group of allied soldiers are sent to occupied France where a truly terrifying laboratory is waiting for them.

Today the Festival was also the stage for the world premiere of Superlópez, the film adaptation of the legendary comic character created by Jan. The film was presented in Sitges by its director, Javier Ruiz Caldera; its leading man, Dani Rovira, and part of the artistic and technical crew. Its director commented that “the first decision we made was not to adapt any story from the comic, we wanted to offer spectators an original story, explaining a part of Superlópez’s life that had never been explained”. Meanwhile, Dani Rovira revealed how he created a character that’s so loved by the public: “The fact that he saves the world doesn’t mean he’s not clumsy. If Spaniards have something in common it’s that we’re not infallible, and that we love parody”. The film, which was welcomed with a great round of applause, recounts the superhero’s life, his arrival on Earth, the moment when he decides not to remain in the shadows and he endangers the survival of his home planet.

In addition, the Catalan production The Year of the Plague –adaptation of the novel by Marc Pastor– and directed by Carlos Martín Ferrera, as presented today in the Official Selection, at a screening that was attended by the director, actresses Silvia Abril and Miriam Giovanelli, as well as the actor Ivan Massagué.

Today the Sitges - International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia hosted the ceremony to present the Golden Méliès Award. Climax, the new film by Argentinean director Gaspar Noé and screened the film competition’s second day, was selected in the feature length category, while Clanker Man, by Ben Steiner, picked up the award for best short film. Joining these two prizes this year is the Méliès d’Or Career category, which director Álex de la Iglesia received for his contribution to fantastic genre.

Today Sitges 2018’s Discovery I had one of its most special days. A day when the new talent in fantastic films paraded down its streets, as a part of Blood Red Carpet, presenting in Coming Soon the genre projects that will soon be materialized. It was also the day for the eagerly awaited Mistinguett party in one of the most exclusive buildings in Sitges. And well after midnight, the actress, singer, model, writer, producer and director, Traci Lords, a woman who has worked under the orders of directors like John Waters and who has built a career in fantastic genre with movies like Blade or the series The Tommyknockers, will receive the Honorary María Award, which will mean the closing of a Thursday to remember.





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