12-10-2019 22:00


Sam Neill and Aaron Paul, two Sitges universe stars, bring the 52nd edition to a close

The screening of 'The Vigil' closes eleven days of films, meetings and exhibitions

Today the 52nd Sitges - International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia came to a fantastic end at its Closing Gala, where the Sitges 2019 winners announced this morning at a press conference and Sam Neill received the Honorary Grand Award closing three days in Sitges with meetings with followers and interviews with all the accredited media outlets. Dario Argento, Katharina Kubrick and Aaron Paul also spent the day kindly attending to fans and the media. First thing this afternoon the Festival presented the first Queer Kong awards and announced First Love directed by Takashi Miike as the surprise movie at tonight's marathon at the Auditori, joining a wide-ranging marathon offer that will bring this 52nd edition to a close on Sunday.

Sam Neill, Katharina Kubrick, Aaron Pau and Dario Argento. Four big stars who put the final touches to a 52nd edition where the streets of Sitges were graced by famous guests such as Patrick Wilson, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Asia Argento, Maribel Verdú and Charles Band. Sam Neill received the Festival’s Honorary Grand Award at the closing gala celebration this evening at the Meliá Sitges Auditori. Dario Argento came to Sitges in surprise to present his new production Belle Bimbe Addormentate, while Katahrina Kubrick, daughter of the man responsible for last year’s leitmotiv, 2001: A Space Odyssey, offered an interesting talk with fans and media outlets. In addition. Aaron Paul visited Sitges to present the sold out big screen premiere of El Camino: a Breaking Bad Movie this afternoon at the Auditori and a red carpet appearance full of media outlets and fans, to get to know from close up the new adventures of Jesse Pinkman, protagonist of the Netflix series.

A day in which also offered the first Queer Kong Awards in the FNAC Marquee, a new recognition of diversity, rewarding films and professionals with contributions to diversity and the presence of the LGBT+ community participating in the Festival. The winners of this first edition were Darlin', by Pollyanna McIntosh, which won the Award for Diversity, Rabid, by the Soska sisters, with the Sexual Health Contribution Award; and finally David Matamoros and Ángeles Hernández received the professional I Acknowledgement for LGTBI+ visualization, for Breve historia del planeta verde directed by Santiago Loza.

The Sitges Film Festival closed its 52nd edition with the screening of The Vigil during the closing gala. Keith Thomas's thrilling debut feature, set in an Orthodox Jewish community, was the perfect film to put an end to eleven days during which Sitges has been, yet another year, the world capital of fantastic genre.

Tomorrow, as a culmination of these intense eleven days, the Festival presents its traditional marathons in its four theaters -Auditori Meliá, Sala Tramuntana, Retiro and Prado-, while Sitges Cocoon and Brigadoon will continue to offer their free lineup.





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